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One of the games that most hooked us is Dragon Mania Legends , which comes from the hand of the company Gameloft, one of the most famous that has already brought us titles such as , which presents us with the intricate challenge of growing Dragonland Dragon mania legends hack and collecting all the different species of dragons it offers. Today we bring you some simple tips to move faster through the game without despairing in the attempt :

  • Level up our habitats and farms whenever possible . In the case of habitats, when raising their level we can place more dragons in them, which will save space and money, since the other solution is to buy another habitat to welcome the new dragon that we have created. As far as the farms, when we raise them we will have access to new crops that, when they are collected, will provide us How to get more matches on tinder with much more food than the initial ones, which is of vital importance to raise the level of our dragons.

  • Use the fruit that we have available in a careful way . Once our dragons reach level 5, we will see that the amount of fruit they need to level up every time we feed them has increased ostensibly, so we have to think well which dragons we want to level up and not let others behind. For example, if we have two identical water dragons, it makes no sense to raise the two to level 10 if we have not made much progress through the game. It will be enough to raise one to the maximum and to Tinder Matches continue with the rest of dragons of other characteristics and we can apply the same advice to the draconian academy, to which we should send only our best dragons to increase his abilities.

  • Think well what dragons we want to cross before we jump at it . When we start the game it will be very tempting to fill our habitats with new dragons, but once we advance a little we will see that we have to carefully select the dragons we want to cross in order not to end up having the same types of dragons always, which will also occupy a space unnecessary in our crowded habitats, and will result in a useless expenditure of food if we want to raise them level. Later we can consider collecting all the species of dragons offered by the game, but we should discard the idea at the beginning.

  • Advance the battle map . Almost the Dragon mania legends hack funniest part of Dragon Mania Legends is caring for our dragons, caressing them to earn coins and tending to grow our island, but we can not forget to go to the battles to continue advancing through the history of the game, as each Once we overcome a confrontation we will receive a good amount of coins, food and even some parchment, so we must not neglect the warrior part of the game, since it will help us to move much faster.

  • Fight smart . If advancing on the battle map is important, taking advantage of the element system is even more so. To start, we will need to increase our level of dragons progressively so as not to be outdone and struggling in the fighting, and to continue we will have to select the appropriate dragons to fight the battle depending on its element, since the attacks will be much more powerful if the element we attack is the right one. Finally, we will have to try to defeat in the first place the most powerful dragon of our enemies, since it will make the rest of the battle much simpler.

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